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1.39 Progressive Solos For Classical Guitar II(Lesson BOOK+Audio)
2.ACDC - Back In Black (Tab Book)
3.ACDC - Signature Licks - Guitar Songbook (Tab BOOK+Audio)
4.Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
5.Acoustic Master class - Tommy Emmanuel (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
6.Advanced Scale Concepts And Licks (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
7.Aerosmith-1973-1979-Signature-Licks-Book (Tab BOOK+Audio)
8.Amazing Phrasing (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
9.Bass Tab White Pages - selection song 1018 page (Tab Book)
10.Beatles song book & lyrics of queen, rolling stones, nirvana, iron
11.Beginners – guitar techniques – (Lesson BOOK + Audio 3 Page)
12.Blues - Classic Blues Licks (Lesson BOOK + Audio)
13.Chickin Pickin (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
14.Dave Calentano - Speed Metal (Lesson Tab)
15.Dave Celentano - Flying Fingers (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
16.Bowie David - Play acoustic guitar with (Lesson Book +Audio)
17.Deep Purple - Greatest hits Signature Licks (Tab BOOK+Audio)
18.Deep Purple - Who Do U think (Tab Book)
19.Derek Taylor - Advanced Legato Phrases (Lesson BOOK+CD)
20.Jam With Dire Straits - (Tab BOOK+Audio)
21.Everything Rock and Blues Guitar Book (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
22.Fretboard Roadmaps – Blues Guitar (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
23.Funk guitar – the essential guide (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
24.Gary moore - still got the blues (Tab BOOK)
25.Gear Secrets of the guitar Legends (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
26.Get Your sound (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
27.Great Country Rock Riffs 2 (Tab BOOK+Audio)
28.Guitar Play - Along Vol 18 [Acoustic Rock] (Tab BOOK+Audio)
29.Frank Gambale - Improvising Made Easier (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
30.Guitar Play - along Vol 35 Hair Metal (Tab BOOK+Audio)
31.The Rhythm Method - Down Funk Tutorial (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
32.Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion I (Tab Book)
33.Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion II (Tab Book)
34.Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 1 - Cutting-Edge Techniques (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
35.Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 2 - Advanced Techniques (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
36.Guitar World Magazine Jan 2007 (Magazine+Audio)
37.Herb Ellis - Jazz Guitar Method – Swing Blues (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
38.Jam with The Eagles (Tab BOOK+Audio)
39.Jam With Carlos Santana – Book (Tab BOOK+Audio)
40.Joe Satriani - Signature Licks (Tab BOOK+Audio)
41.Joe Diorio – A Guitar Approach To Rhythm Changes (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
42.Johann sebastian bach – PIANO (Note BOOK+Audio)
43.john petrucci - guitar lessons (1-19) (Lesson+Audio)
44.John Petrucci - Rock Discipline - Manual & Samples (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
45.Jon Finn – Advanced Modern Rock Guitar Improvising(Lesson BOOK+Audio)
46.Kiss - Lick It Up [Japan] (Tab Book)
47.Kenny Sultan - Acoustic Blues Guitar (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
48.Learn How To Play Guitar by Stefan Schyga (Lesson book)
49.Learn fretboard 10 mins (Lesson Book)
50.Lynyrd Skynyrd – The New Best (Tab Book)
51.Guitar World Magazine 6 Dec 2007 (Magazine+Audio)
52.Young Guitar All magazines 2005-2007 (ALL VERSION)
53.Guitar Bass Magazine 2007 07 (Magazine)
54.Guitar Bass Magazine 2007 08 (Magazine)
55.Guitar Bass Magazine 2007 09 (Magazine)
56.Guitar world Magazine 03 2007 (Magazine)
57.Martin Taylor - Guitar Method (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
58.Megadeth - Signature Licks - Prime Cuts (Tab BOOK+Audio)
59.Metallica – Riff By Riff (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
60.Nick Nolan - Rock Lead (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
61.Pantera - Dimebag Darrell – Riffer Madness – (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
62.Paul Hanson - Shred Guitar (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
63.Play Guitar with David Bowie (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
64.Play Guitar With Iron Maiden (Tab BOOK+Audio)
65.Play Along With System Of A Down (Tab BOOK+Audio)
66.Queen - sheet music - hits song (Tab Book)
67.Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magic – (Tab book)
68.Robben Ford – Playing The Blues (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
69.Ross Bolton – Funk Guitar - The Essential Guide (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
70.Sepultura – Arise (Tab book)
71.Sepultura - Chaos.A.D (Tab book)
72.Signature Licks - Jimi Hendrix Style (Tab BOOK+Audio)
73.Sonny Terry Licks - For Blues harmonica (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
74.Paul gilbert – guitars from mars 2 (Tab book)
75.The Gys Pack Book Part (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
76.Troy Stetina - Metal Rhythm Guitar I (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
77.Troy Stetina - Metal Rhythm Guitar II(Lesson BOOK+Audio)
78.Troy Stetina - Speed Mechanics for Lead guitar(lesson BOOK+Audio)
79.Troy Stetina - Total Rock Guitar(Lesson BOOK+Audio)
80.Troy Stetina - Lead guitar book I(Lesson BOOK+Audio)
81.Troy Stetina - Lead guitar book II(Lesson BOOK+Audio)
82.The Wolf Marshall Guitar Method - Basics 1 (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
83.Peter Gelling - Progressive blues guitar solos (Lesson BOOK+Audio)
84.Ynwie Malmsteen – Trial By Fire – Live In Lenigrad (Tab BOOK)
85.Zakk Wylde - Masterclass Part 1 (Lesson BOOK+CD)
86.Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (Tab BOOK)
87.Pink Floyd - shine on you crazy diamond (Tab BOOK)
88.Metallica – Master Of Puppets (Tab book)
89.Toby Wine - 1001 Blues Licks (Lesson With note BOOK)
90.80'sFlashback 22 Greates Songs (Tab BOOK)
91.A Perfect Circle - 13th Step – (Tab BOOK)
92.A Woman Get's Tired of One Man All of the Time (Chas H.Booker & Paul Carter – 1920 (Tab Book)
93. ZZ Top Greatest Hits Tab Book (Tab BOOK)
94.A Modern Method For Guitar Berklee 1 (Lesson Book)
95.A Modern Method For Guitar Berklee 2 (Lesson Book)
96.A Modern Method For Guitar Berklee 3 (Lesson Book)
97.Aerosmith - I don't Want To Miss A Thing (Tab BOOK)
98.Aerosmith - Nine Lives - Song book Tab (Tab BOOK)
99.Aerosmith – Pump - Song Book Tab (Tab BOOK)
100.Albert lee - country guitar techniques (Lesson BOOK)
101.Anthology – Tom Petty Song Book tab (Tab BOOK)
102.Back Pocket Guitar - 5500 Guitar Chords (Lesson BOOK)
103.Bass guitar for dummies (Lesson)
104.Berklee - one chord rock for bass guitar(Lesson Tab)
105.Berklee - college of music - harmony 2 (Lesson Book)
106.Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality – (Tab BOOK)
107.Black Label Society – Selections (Tab Book)
108.Blues Grooves For Beginners And beyond (Lesson BOOK)
109.Bon Dylan - Saved - Song Guitar Book (Tab BOOK)
110.Bob Dylan – Anthology - Song Guitar Book (Tab BOOK)
111.Bonjovi - Slippery When Wet - Guitar Recorded Versions (Tab Boook)
112.Bruce Springsteen – Songbook 441 Pages - (Tab BOOK)
113.Bryan Adams – Rock score - Song Guitar Book (Tab BOOK)
114.Bryan Adams - The Best Of Me - Song Guitar Book (Tab BOOK)
115.Chops from hell - Francesco Fareri – Arpeggios (Lessons BOOK)
116.Cinderella - Heartbreak Station - (Tab BOOK)
117.Classic Rock -Selection tab classic rock (Tab BOOK)
118.Classic Rock –Guitar tab 1 (Tab BOOK)
119.Classical Studies for Pick Style Guitar
120.como construir una guitarra electrica (guitarra total) (LESSON Book)
121.Cranberries - best of - Song Guitar Book (Tab BOOK)
122.David Gilmour guitar song book (Tab BOOK)
123.Deep Purple - Burn Full Score (Tab BOOK)
124.Deep Purple - Machine Head - Band Score [Jap] - (Tab BOOK)
125.Deep Purple - Purpendicular (Full Score) (Tab BOOK)
126.Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers - (Tab BOOK)
127.Deep Purple – Fireball (Full Score(Tab BOOK)
128.Def Leppard - Vault - The Best of 1980 – 1995 (Tab BOOK)
129.Dungeons And Dragons – Song And silence (Tab BOOK)
130.Deep purple - (Tab BOOK)
131.Dream Theater – Octavarium - (Tab BOOK)
132.Duran Duran - Best Of - Full Band Score [JAP] (Tab BOOK)
133.Bob dylan Song Book - (Tab BOOK)
134.Edward F. McQuire - ('76) - Guitar Fingerboard Harmony (Mel Bay) (Lesson Book)
135.Electric Slide Guitar – By keith wyatt (Lesson BOOK)
136.Complete Elvis Tab –(Tab Book)
137.Eric Clapton – From The Cradle (Tab BOOK)
138.Europe - (1986) The Final Countdown (Tab BOOK)
139.Finger Gymnastics by Charles Chapman (Lesson BOOK)
140.Foreigner Best Of – (Tab BOOK)
141.Fretboard Roadmaps – Rock Lesson
142.Gary Moore (Tab BOOK)- ballads & blues (67p)
143.Gary Moore – Greatest Hits Full Band Score (Tab BOOK)
144.Getting Great Guitar Sounds Book Of Guitar Effects!!! (Lesson)
145.Great Songs Of The 70s (Tab BOOK)
146.Green Day - Bullet in a Bible (Tab BOOK)
147.Metallica – The Black Album Tab (Tab BOOK)
148.Michael Fath - hard rock arpeggio studies (Lesson BOOK)
149.The mechanic f metal Series - total scales and modes (Lesson BOOK)
150.Marty Friedman (Megadeth) - melodic control (Lesson BOOK)
151.Guitar Lessons with the greats (Lesson BOOK)
152.Guitar Music Theory - jerry Bergonzi - Vol 2 pentatonics (Lesson)
153.Green Day – Dookie (Tab BOOK)
154.Guitar player - how to play metal guitar - the basics and beyond (Lesson Book)
155.Guitar rock - richie kotzen - rock chops (reh) (lesson book)
156.Guitar soloing - the compemporary guide to improvisation (Lesson )
157.Playing Guitar – Beginner (Lesson BOOK)
158.How to write songs on guitar (Lesson BOOK)
159.Guns N' roses - lies - guitar tab songbook (Tab BOOK)
160.Hal Leonard - Fretboard roadmaps country guitar (Lesson BOOK)
161.Heavy – Metal Ballads guitar tab song (Tab BOOK)
162.Heavy Metal Vol I selection singer tab (Tab BOOK)
163.Heavy Metal Vol II selection singer tab (Tab BOOK)
164.Heavy Metal Vol III selection singer tab (Tab BOOK)
165.Guitars. Design, Production and Repair -161s - Jakarta-Underground
166.Jazz Riffs For Guitar - Yoichi Arakawa (Lesson)
167.Jennifer Batten – Two Hand Rock For Guitar (Lesson)
168.Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced - (Tab BOOK)
169.Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold As Love - (Tab BOOK)
170.Joe satriani - Cristal planet (Tab BOOK))
171.Joe Satriani - Secretos de mi t cnica para guitarra by Mr.Angel
172.Judas priest - Painkiller 94 (Tab BOOK)
173.Kiko Loureiro - Heavy Metal Play Backs (Tab BOOK)
174.Led Zeppelin - 4b (Tab BOOK)
175.Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I - (Tab BOOK)
176.Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II - (Tab BOOK)
177.Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III - (Tab BOOK)
178.Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (Tab BOOK)
179.Linkin Park - Meteora (Tab) (Tab BOOK)
180.Malcolm Jones - Syd Barret making of madcap laugh (STORY)
181.Mark Knopfler guitar styles( partituras ) (Tab BOOK)
182.Marty Friedman – Scenes (Tab BOOK)
183.Megadeth - 2001 - The World Needs a Hero (Tab BOOK)
184.Megadeth - Selections From Peace Sells But Who's Buying And So Far, So Good So What! (Tab BOOK)
185.Megadeth - SONGBOOK 201pages
186.Metallica - And Justice For All Album (Tab BOOK)
187.Metallica - bass & drums selection (Tab BOOK)
188.Metallica - easy book some song selection (Tab BOOK)
189.Metallica - Garage Inc (Tab BOOK)
190.Metallica - Nothing Else Matters Guitar (Tab BOOK)
191.Metallica - Nothing Else Matters piano
192.Metallica - St Anger album orginal book tab high quality (Tab)
193.Metallica - Master Of Puppets orginaly paper james (Tab BOOK)
194.Mr Big - Lean Into It - Guitar Auhorized Edition (Lesson BOOK)
195.Musicians Institute - harmony & theory (Lesson BOOK)
196.Neil Young-Songbook 712 pages (Tab BOOK)
197.Nirvana - From The Muddy Banks Of Wishkah (Tab BOOK)
198.Nirvana – Nevermind Guitar (Tab BOOK)
199.Nirvana – Unplugged In New York Guitar ( tab Book)
200.Pantera - Far Beyond Driven Guitar (Tab BOOK)
201.Pantera - Guitar Anthology Series - Authentic Guitar (Tab BOOK)
202.Pink Floyd - best of band score (Tab BOOK)
203.Pink Floyd - The wall original book from the wall (Tab BOOK)
204.Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here original (Tab BOOK)
205.Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon(Tab BOOK)
206.Play Guitar with Free (Lesson BOOK)
207.The beginner guitarist Premier (Lesson BOOK)
208.Prince - Purple Rain (Full Score) (Tab BOOK)
209.Pumping Nylon(classical guitarist's technical handbook) (Lesson book)
210.Queen - 21 partituras - piano, voice & guitar (tab book)
211.Queen - Greatest Hits (Tab BOOK)
212.Queen - Best of (Full Band) (Tab BOOK)
213.Queen - Piano & Voice Sheet Music (tab book)
214.Queen - signature licks(Tab BOOK)
215.Ramones - Guitar Anthology Series(Tab BOOK)
216.REM (Tab BOOK)
217.REM – Out Of Time(Tab BOOK)
218.Retro - '80s 30Hotest 80's song(Tab BOOK)
219.Rhythm Changes Guitar Solos by Harold Greene(Lesson BOOK)
220.Rhythm Guitar The Complete - buckingham and E.pascal(Lesson book)
221.Richie Kotzen - Mother Head's Family Reunion (Tab BOOK)
222.Rock Guitar Bible – Selection song tab from big band(Lesson BOOK)
223.Rock Guitar Secrets - peter fischer (180p) (Lesson BOOK)
224.Radiohead – The Bends (Tab BOOK)
225.Rock -guitar techniques- chordal tapping(Lesson BOOK)
226.Sting Rock Score (Tab BOOK)
227.Steve Vai - 30 hour path to virtuoso enlightenment (Lesson BOOK)
228.Steve Vai - Guitar Styles & Techniques(Lesson BOOK)
229.Steve Vai,Joe Satriani & Eric Johnson - g3 In Concert(Tab BOOK)
230.Steve Wonder The Greatest Songs(Tab BOOK)
231.Steve Morse - Rock- Guitar- Masterclass(Lesson BOOK)
232.T-Bone Walker – Vital Blues Guitar NOTE For NOTE(Lesson book)
233.Teoria Musical (Solfeo) (Lesson BOOK)
234.Testament – Practice What You Preach album (Tab BOOK)
235.The beatles the good tab of them some albumes(Tab BOOK)
236.The beginner guitar – Susan c. Anthony(Lesson BOOK)
237.The Cream Of Cream(Tab BOOK)
238..The Eagles - Made easy for guitar(Tab BOOK)
239.The Best Of Stevie Ray Vaughan Best Quality (Tab BOOK)
240.The Doors Guitar Tablature Anthology(Tab BOOK)
241.The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar
242.The Ultimate Metallica (Lesson BOOK)
243.The Strokes – Is This It(Tab BOOK)
244.TheBeatles-1962-70 Tab book(Tab BOOK)
245.Thin Lizzy - The Very Best Of(Tab BOOK)
246.Total guitar - the ultimate scale book (troy stetina) (Lesson BOOK)
247.Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry tab book(Tab BOOK)
248.Ultimate 80S (Tab BOOK)
249.Van Halen - Women And Children First (Tab BOOK)
250.Wasp - The Headless Children (Tab BOOK)
251.Whitesnake – 1987 (Tab BOOK)
252.Whitesnake - Best of(Guitar Tab Songbook)
253.White Zombie – Astro Creep 2000(Tab BOOK)
254.Y.Malmsteen-RisingForce (Tab BOOK)
255.Yngwie Malmsteen - Concerto Suite For Eletric Guitar and Orchestra
256.In E Flat Minor Op.1 (Tab BOOK)
257.Zakk Wylde-Book of Shadows (Tab BOOK)
258.Zucchero - Best Of (Tab BOOK)
259.Muse – Origin of Symetry – Guitar Songbook (Tab BOOK)
260.Muse – Showbiz Guitar Songbook_(Tab BOOK)
261.Muse - Hullabaloo (Guitar Songbook) (Tab BOOK)
262.Muse - Absolution (Guitar book) (Tab BOOK)
263.Guitar&Bass Magazine 2007 11 (Magazine + Audio)
264.Guitar Techniques Julio 1999 (Magazine + Audio)
265.Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys (Tab BOOK)
266.Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland(Tab BOOK)
267.U2 – BAD (Tab BOOK)
268.The Melodic Bass Library – Jimmy Haslip (Lesson BOOK)
269.Nuno Bettencourt & Gary Cherone Rest in the peace(Tab book)
270.Korn – Life is peacky(Tab BOOK)
271.Machine Head - Burn My Eyes(Tab BOOK)
272.Joe Satriani (EOC) (Tab BOOK)
273.jazz-licks-guitar(Lesson BOOK)
274.Prince - BOOK - Anthology - 732pp(Tab BOOK)
275.Jeff Beck - Who Else(Tab BOOK)
276.Eric Johnson - Ah via music(Tab Book)
277.Nirvana – Bleach(Tab Book)
278.bass guitar lesson - fender players club (Lesson book)
279.Deep purple - Purpledicular1995(Song book)
280.Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Licks(TAB BOOK+Audio)
281.Steve Ray Vaughane - Texas flood(TAB BOOK)
282.Nirvana - Bleach (TAB BOOK)
283.Joe Satriani - Not Of this Earth (TAB BOOK)
284.Stray Cats - Stray Cats(TAB BOOK)
285.Metallica - master of puppets [bass](TAB BOOK)
286.Progressive Bass Concepts(TAB BOOK LESOON)
287.Nightwish - Wish master(TAB BOOK)
288.Guitar Play-Along Vol 4 [Pop-Rock](BEST ARTIST BOOK + Audio)
289.Signature Licks - The Best Of Joe Satriani (LESSONBOOK+Audio)
290.Yngwie Malmsteen - Reh Video(Tab Book)
291.Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast(Tab Book)
292.Iron Maiden – Killers(Tab Book)
293.James Taylor - The complete Guitar Player(Tab Book)
294.Real Jazz Book (Hal Leonard)(Lesson Book)
295.Allan Holdsworth – Melody Chords For Guitar(Lesson Book)
296.I M Walking – Jazz Bass – Jacki Reznicek(Lesson Book)
297.Building walking basslines Ed Friedland (Lesson Book)
298.Dave Celentano - Monster Scales And Modes(Lesson Book)
299.John Sebastian Bach - BACH MINUET G (Tab book+Audio)
300.John Sebastian Bach - PARA 2 VIOLINES (Tab Book+Audio)
301.John Sebastian Bach - SUITE INGLESA2(Tab Book+Audio)
302.Brian May - Star Licks(Lesson Book+Audio)
303.Dave Gilmour – Standing Around Crying(Lesson Book+Audio)
304.Studio Recording Procedures (lesson book)
305.THEBOOK (lesson )
306.Electronics for Musicians (lesson book)
307.Jazz Classics For Solo Guitar (lesson book)
308.Dave Gilmour - Standing Around Crying (tab book)
309.Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways (tab book)
310.Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall Pt II (Total Guitar Magazine)
311.Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Guitar Techniques Magazine)
312.Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Guitar Techniques Magazine )
313.Bee Gees Anthology (tab book)
314.Coldplay-Parachutes (tab book)
315.Holiday_Edition_magazine (Magazine)
316.Kiss-Bass( Bass Guitar magazine)
317.Radiohead - Amnesiac ( tab book)
318.Santana - Authentic Guitar Tab edition (tab book)
319.Guitar World - 1999-03 (magazine)
320.Guns N Roses - November Rain (tab book)
321.Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones) (tab book)
322.Play guitar with 20 metal bands (Tab book)
323.Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall Pt II (Total Guitarmagazine + Audio)
324.Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Guitar Techniques magazine+Audio)
325.Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Guitar Techniques magazine + Audio)
326.Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones) (tab book)
327.Guns N Roses - November Rain (Tab book)
328.Gary moore - parisienne walkway (Tab book)
329.Pink Floyd - Animals SONSUZ (Tab book )
330.Guitar World – 1999 - 03 (Magazine)
331.Kiss - Bass (Tab book)
332.Bee Gees -Anthology (tab book)
333.May Brian - Super Rock Guitarist (tab book)
334.Play guitar with 20 metal bands (tab book)
335.Radiohead - Amnesiac (tab book)
336.Coldplay - Parachutes (tab book)
337.David Gilmore - On an Island (tab book org)
338.GuitarTechnic - July99 (magazine)
339.The Frank Zappa Guitar Book transcriptions by Steve Vai (lesson)
340.Holiday Edition (magazine )
341.Play Guitar With...Punk (Lesson Book + Audio)
342.Guitar Classics VIII MAGAZINE (some special Artist TAB)
343.Guitarist 2005-10 (Magazine)
344.German Guitar - 2005 - 03(Magazine)
345.Style Of Stevie Ray Vaughan - Signature Licks (Tab Books+Audio)
346.Guitar classic VIII (tab book artist)
347.Guitarist Magazine 10 2005 (Magazine)
348.Metodo completo Musical - Paschoal Bona (Lesson tab)
349.Fretboard Logic Se (Lesson tab)
350.Nirvana - Bleach (Tab book)
351.A Comprehensive Chord Tone System for Mastering the Bass (lesson)
352.Super chops 4 Bass - Slap Style Techniques (Lesson)
353.Marilyn Manson - Lest We Forget The Best Of (Tab Book)
354.Musicians Institute-Slap Pop Techniques for Guitar(Lesson + Audio)
355.Steve Vai - Ultra Zone (Tab Book)
356.Gary Moore - Greatest Hits (Tab Book)
357.Rhythm Guitar - Complete Guide (Lesson)
358.Steve Bailey - Five string (Bass lesson)
359.Gary Willis - Ultimate Ear Training For Guitar And Bass(Lesson)
360.40 Great Tapping Lick - Tapping (Lesson+Audio)
361.Funk Guitar - The Essential Guide (lesson+Audio)
362.Diminished Scale (Lesson+Audio)
363.Grooves For Electric Bass (Lesson+Audio)
364.John Petrucci - Wild Stringdom (LEsson+Audio)
365.Jam With Michael Angelo (TAB+Audio)
366.Play Guitar With Iron Maiden(Tab+Audio)
367.Ron Eschete - Chord Melody Phrases for Guitar (LEsson+Audio)
368.Slap It Funk Studies for the Electric Bass (BASS LESSON+AUDIO)
369.Tapping For Electric guitar (LEsson+Audio)
370.5500 Guitar Chords By ulf G (Lesson)
371.Eric Johnson - Guitar Transcriptions (tab book)
372.Pentatonic Scales for Jazz Improvisation (Lesson)
373.The Beatles - For Jazz Guitar (Tab Book)
374.The Best Of Stevie Ray Vaughan (Tab book)
375.Jam With Gary Moore (Tab + Audio)
376.How To Read Music (LEsson Book 127 page+Audio)
377.This is Your Brain on Music (AUDIO ONLY LISTEN)
378.Audio And Hi-Fi Handbook (lesson guide)
379.Eric Johnson - Signature Licks (LEsson + MP3)
380.Gear secrets of the guitar legends (LEsson)
381.Guide to Digital Mixing(LEsson)
382.Guide to Mixing (Lesson)
383.Guitar Painting (LEsson)
384.Guitar Player Repair Guide (Lesson)
385.Guitars - Design Production and Repair (Lesson)
386.Musicians Institute - Slap Pop Techniques for Guitar (Lesson + Audio cd)
387.Sound advice on compressorss (lesson)
388.Sound advice on equalizers reverbs and delays (LEsson)
389.Sound advice on microphone techniques (Lesson)
390.Sound advice on mixing (Lesson)
391.The Art Of James Hetfield Metallica (JAMES SYLE) LESSON
392.essential dictionary of music notation (Lesson NOTE)
393.Afro Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums (Lesson)
394.Jam With Eric Clapton (tab book lesson)
395.Bon Jovi - Best of guitar (tab book)
396.Blues - Complete Electric Blues Method (Lesson + MP3)
397.Joe Pass - Guitar Chords (Lesson)
398.Studio Recording Procedures How to Record Any Instrument (lesson)
399.Pro Tools LE and M Powered The Complete Guide Jul 2006 (lesson)
400.Electric Slide Guitar (Lesson+Audio)
401.Jazz Guitar Technique In 20_Week - Howard_Roberts (Lesson)
402.Hal Leonard - Easy Guitar - 100 Songs For Kids(Lesson)
403.Advanced Modern Rock Guitar - Jon_Finn (Lesson+Audio)
404.Famous Blues Bass Lines (Lesson+audio)
405.Finger Fitness (Lesson)
406.Jam With Eric Clapton (lesson+Audio)
407.Robert Lindmaier - Funky Fingers (Lesson+Audio)
408.Rock Guitar Bible (Lesson)
409.The Frank Zappa Guitar book (lesson+tab)
410.ZZTop - Antenna (Tab book)
411.Brian may - star licks (Lesson+Audio)
412.Rock Bass-Beginner to Pro in Four Weeks(Lesson)
413.David Gilmour Unplugged [Guitar World Acoustic] (Lesson)
414.Total Guitar 2007 04 (magazine+Audio+video)
415.Nicolas Slonimsky - Thesaurus of scales and melodic(Lesson)
416.Guitarist 2005-10(magazine+audio+video)
417.Guitar world.2003 complete (Magazine - tab only)
418.Guitar.World.Acoustic_No.21 (Magazine - Tab only)
419.Guitarist_2006-06 (Magazine+Audio)
420.Guitarist_2007-06 (Magazine+Audio)
421.Sound On Sound 1998 (FULL Magazine)
422.Sound On Sound 1999 (Full Magazine)
423.Improvising Rock Guitar Vol. 1 (Lesson+Audio)
424.Hal Leaonard - Country Guitar Method
425.Guitar One Magazine March 2007 (Magazine)
426.Guitare Live Magazine N 02 - 01 2005(Magazine)
427.Yamaha - Sound Reinforcement Handbook (Manual)
428.Joe Pass - The Blue Side Of Jazz (Lesson)
429.The Electric Guitar Amplifier (Hand Book)
430.Technique - Recording Acoustic Sound On Sound (Mag)
431.Technique - Recording Bass Guitar Sound On Sound (Mag)
432.Pat Martino - Linear Expressions(Lesson)
433.Blues You Can Use - John Ganapes (Lesson)
434.Don Mock - Artful Arpeggios (Lesson)
435.Jazz Guitar Classics (Lesson)
436.Rock Guitar Soloing (Lesson)
437.Scott Henderson - Jazz Guitar Chord System (Lesson)
438.The Real Book Of Blues (Lesson)
439.Ron Miller - Modal Jazz Composition & Harmony, Volume I (Lesson)
440.Metallica - Death_Magnetic 2008 (Tab)
441.Walt Weiskopf & Ramon Ricker - The Augmented Scale in Jazz (Lesson)
442.[Tecnicas de guitarra] Guitar Finger Exercises flamenco (Lesson)
443.101 Jazz Guitar Licks(Lesson)
444.Country Rock Riffs (Lesson+Audio)
445.The Beatles - Complete Scores Guitar Voice Bass Drums (Tab)
446.Jennifer Batten - Two Hands Rock (Lesson + Audio)
447.Picture Chord Encyclopedia (Lesson)
448.Ultimate Guitar Chords (Lesson)
449.classical and fingerstyle guitar techniques (Lesson)
450.J s Bach For Classic Guitar (Lesson tab)
451.J s Bach For Electric Guitar(Lesson tab)
452.Zakk wylde - Book of shadows(Tab Book)
453.Charlie Byrd Melodic Method For Guitar Classic(Lesson)
454.Charlie Parker For Guitar(Hal_Leonard) (Lesson)
455.Dave Celentano - Essential Blues Guitar (Lesson)
456.Flamenco Guitar Method vol 2 (lesson)
457.Scott Henderson Guitar (Lesson)
458.Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar(Lesson)
459.Deep Purple - House Of Blue Light(tab)
460.U2 - Best Of U2 (tab)
461.Guitarist's Guide to Computer Music (Lesson)
462.Bret Willmott-Mel Bay's Complete Book of Harmonic Extensions(Lesson)
463.songbook - the new real book (Lesson)
464.Green Day - Dookie (tab book)
465.shred is not dead 2007 (Lesson+Audio)
466.Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook (manual)
467.emusician Jan 2009 (Maazine)
468.Rhythm Guitar Encyclopedia (Lesson)
469.Jam With Ritchie Blackmore (LEsson+Audio)
470.Great Guitar Solos Slowed Down (Lesson+Aduio)
471.In Session with Jeff Beck(Lesson+Audio)
472.The wah wah Book(Lesson)
473.Tom Gerou - Linda Lusk - Essential Dictionary Of Music (lesson)
474.Jeff Beck-Who Else (tab book)
475.The Real Rock Book 2 (Lesson)
476.Heavy Metal Ballads (Tab booK)
477.Original Randy Rhodes (Tab book Lesson)
478.Queen - Best of Full Band (Guitar Drum Bass Vocal TAB BOOK)
479.Play Along with Kiss (Guitar Tab + Audio)
480.In Session with Carlos Santana (Guitar Tab + Audio)
481.Shred guitar - by Paul Hanson (Lesson+Audio)
482.Guitar System (Fretboard Map) (Lesson)
483.Guitar Shred Show - Mr Fastfinger (LEsson)
484.metallica - legendary licks 1988-1996 [book+Audio]
485.Dave bates Lesson (lesson+Audio)
486.joe diorio - jazz reh hotline series 1984 (lesson)
487.berklee - effective rhyming (Lesson)
488.Blues Position Playing (Lesson)
489.Dream Theater - Octavarium (Tab)
490.jazz Guitar talk (Lesson)
491.Led Zeppelin - Guitar Official Book Complete (Tab)
492.ROY CLARK _ Bluegrass Banjo Bible Complete (lesson)
493.Mr Big - Lean Into It - Guitar Auhorized Edition (Tab)
494.Guitar Techniques 1998 Blues Position Playing (magazine)
495.Carl Verheyen - Improvising Without Scales (BOOK+Audio)
496.The Ultimate Pop Rock Fake Book Hal_Leonard_ 1986 (LEsson)
497.Guitar Chords You Can Use - John Ganapes (Lesson)
498.Power Rhythm Guitar by Dave Celentano (Lesson+Audio)
499.Guitar Techniques - Neo Classical Rock Rhythm Guitar (Lesson+audio)
500.Art Of The Shuffle (Lesson+Audio)
501.The CAGED Guitarist (Lessson)
502.Marty Friedman - Melodic Control (Lesson)
503.39 Progressive Solos For Classical Guitar I (Book & Audio)
504.Deep Purple - Signature Licks (Guitar Tab + Audio)
505.Ultimate Play Along - Country (Guitar Tab + Audio)
506.Dave Celentano modal jams theory (Guitar Tab + Audio)
507.Composing Digital Music For Dummies (Lesson)
508.Guitar Classics 8 (Tab book)
509.Sound Synthesis and Sampling (Lesson)
510.Loudspeakers For music recording and reproduction (Lesson)
511.Classic rock guitar (Tab book)
512.Jimi Hendrix - Note For Note
513.Building Electric Guitars - Martin Koch
514.John Myung - Progressive Bass Concepts - 1996 (lesson)
515.Berklee Power Chords Guitar (Lesson)
516.Foo Fighters - Signature Licks (Guitar Tab + Audio)
517.Jimi Hendrix - Radio One (Tab book)
518.Eagles - Their Greates Hits 1971 1975 (tab book)
519.Guitar Gym - 20 part (Lesson+Audio)
520.The Essential Jaco Pastorius (Tab book)
521.Maran Illustrated Guitar (Complete Guitar Lesson)
522.Guitar Course - Teach Yourself To Play Guitar Overnight - (Lesson)
523.The Guitar and Its Music (the classic Era) (Lesson)
524.The joe pass guitar method (Lesson)
525.Red Hot Chili Peppers,Bass Signature Original(Lesson)
526.Beginner guitar-How to start playing acoustic,classical or electric guitar (Lesson)
527.Troy Stetina - Fretboard Mastery 2006 (Lesson + Audio)
528.Mark King Special - Robert Lindmaier Bass (Lesson)
529.Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar By arnie berle & Mark Galbo (Lesson+Audio)
530.Terrifying Technique for Guitar (Lesson+Audio)
531.Red hot chili peppers - stadium arcadium (Tab book)
532.Jerry Donahue-Telemaster guitar (lesson Book)
533.jazz studio - improvisation for bass
534.Introducing The Pentatonic Scale (Lesson book)
535.Dave Celentano - Killer Pentatonics (lesson Book)
536.Guitar Modern Encyclopedia (lesson Book)
537.Guitar Techniques) 1 Minute Lick - Symmetrical Sorcery - by Shaun Baxter (Lesson+Audio)
538.Guitar Techniques) 2002-12-02-winter Guitar Gym Part 07 - 6 Step Legato Workout (lesson+Audio)
539.Guitar Techniques) 2003-01 Rock Guitar Made Easy Lesson 14 - Modes Explained - Major Scale(Lesson+Audio)
540.Guitar Techniques) 2003-04 Rock Guitar Made Easy Lesson 17 - Phrygian Mode(Lesson+Audio)
541.Guitar Techniques) - 10 Ways To Improve Your Picking Technique (Mp3 & Tab) updated-fixed 08-2006(Lesson+Audio)
542.Guitar Techniques) - Eric Johnson - Manhattan (Lesson+Audio)
543.Guitar Techniques) - Steve Vai - The Attitude Song (Lesson+Audio)
544.Guitar Techniques) (1995-03) Easy Like - The Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces - By Guthrie Govan (Lesson+Audio)
545.Guitar Techniques) (1998-11) Delay - Delay And How To Use It - by Guthrie Govan (Lesson+Audio)
546.Guitar Techniques) (1999-08) The Beatles - Julia (Lesson+Audio)
547.Guitar Techniques) (1999-Spring) Acoustic - Simon And Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair - by Eric Roche (Lesson+Audio)
548.Guitar Techniques) (2001-03) Country - Express Yourself - Picking Techniques - by Lee Hodgson (Lesson+Audio)
549.Guitar Techniques) Striking Chords - Blues Rhythm - By Guthrie Govan( Lesson+Audio)
550.Guitar Techniques) - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tin Pan Alley - by Geoff Whitehorn (Lesson+Audio)
551.Guitar Techniques) Jimmy Page - 10 Essential Licks - By Guthrie Govan (Lesson+Audio)
552.Guitar Techniques) - Workshop - Rock - Rock Mutations III - The Melodic Minor Scale - by Guthrie Govan (Lesson+Audio)
553.Guitar Techniques) Flamenco - Masterclass - by Eric Roche (Lesson+Audio)
554.Guitar Techniques) -Van Halen - Eruption - By Dave Kilminster (Lesson+Audio)
555.Guitar Techniques) Chord Melody Secrets (Lesson+Audio)
556.Guitar Techniques) Country - Fills And Licks - Brent Mason S (Lesson+Audio)
557.Guitar Techniques) Jazz With Shaun Baxter - Scales & Jazz 'Minorising' (Lesson+Audio)
558.Guitar Techniques) Jimmy Page - 10 Essential Licks (Lesson+Audio)
559.Guitar Techniques) Legato Workout Part 2 (Lesson+Audio)
560.Guitar Techniques) Robben Ford Licks (Lesson+Audio)
561.Guitar Techniques) Steve Morse - A Lesson From The Master (Lesson+Audio)
562.Guitar Techniques) Sweep Picking-George Benson (Lesson+Audio)
563.Guitar Techniques) Tapping Study Part 1 (Lesson+Audio)
564.Guitar Techniques) Tapping With 8 Fingers (Lesson+Audio)
565.Guitar Techniques) Tapping With 8 Fingers (Lesson+Audio)(1)
566.Guitar Techniques] A-Z Of Great Riffs - Joe Satriani - Part 2 (Lesson+Audio)
567.Guitar Techniques] Shred Lick 4 - Stacking Tapping (Lesson+Audio)
568.Guitar Techniques] A-Z of great riffs - Toto (Lesson+Audio)
569.Guitar Techniques Jazz Soloing Lesson 4 Stella by Starlight (Lesson+Audio)
570.Guitar Techniques A-Z Of Great Riffs - Yngwie Malmsteen - Part 1 (Lesson+Audio)
571.Guitar Techniques Country - How To Blend Rhytm And Lead (Lesson+Audio)
572.Guitar Techniques Country Soloing - Vince Gill Style (Lesson+Audio)
573.Guitar Techniques Dire Straits - Money For Nothing (Lesson+Audio)
574.Guitar Techniques Django Reinhardt - Nuages (Lesson+Audio)
575.Guitar Techniques Jazz Blues Solo (Lesson+Audio)Summer 2002
576.Guitar Techniques Jazz Soloing Lesson 3 (Lesson+Audio)stella
577.Guitar Techniques Joe Pass - Guitar Chords (Lesson+Audio)
578.Guitar Techniques Joe Pass - Guitar Method (Lesson+Audio)
579.Guitar Techniques Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama (Lesson+Audio)
580.Guitar Techniques Richie Kotzen Masterclass Part 2 (Lesson+Audio)
581.Guitar Techniques Rock Guitar Made Easy - Lesson 7 - The Blues Scale - David Gilmour Style (Lesson+Audio)
582.Guitar Techniques Lesson 7 - The Blues Scale - David Gilmour Style(Lesson+Audio)(1)
583.Guitar Techniques Santana - Smooth (Lesson+Audio)
584.Guitar Techniques Sweep Picking (Lesson+Audio)
585.Guitar Techniques The Minor Pentatonic Scale Part 2 (Lesson+Audio)
586.Guitar Techniques The Shadows Sleepwalk (Lesson+Audio)
587.Guitar Techniques Zakk Wylde Style Study (Lesson+Audio)
588.Guitar Techniques Paul Gilbert Masterclass Part 2 (Lesson+Audio)
589.Guitar Techniques Perfect your Pentatonics (Lesson+Audio)
590.Guitar Techniques Guitar Gym Part 17 - Combining Sweeps With Legato (Lesson+Audio)
591.Guitar Techniques - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Stevie Wonder) - Higher Ground - by Guthrie Govan (Lesson+Audio)
592.Guitar Techniques - Ry Cooder Slide - Get Down With Open D Tuning - (Lesson+Audio)
593.Guitar Techniques -Fills And Licks - Brent Mason Style (Lesson+Audio)
594.Guitar Techniques - Jeff Beck - Let Me Love You - by Geoff Whitehorn(Lesson+Audio)
595.Guitar Techniques - Acoustic Fingerstyle -Pat Metheny(Lesson+Audio)
596.Guitar Techniques - Flamenco Music, Malaguena (Lesson+Audio)
597.Guitar Techniques - A-Z of great riffs - Toto, part 2 (Lesson+Audio)
598.Guitar Techniques - Duke Ellington - Collection For Solo Jazz(Lesson+Audio)
599.Guitar Techniques - Advanced Scale Concepts - Licks for Guitar(Lesson+Audio)
600.Guitar Techniques - Beatles - Here Comes The Sun (Lesson+Audio)
601.Guitar Techniques - Blues - Major Or Minor (Lesson+Audio)
602.Guitar Techniques - Blues Mutations Part 3 (Lesson+Audio)
603.Guitar Techniques - Bumblefoot (Ron Thal) (Lesson+Audio)
604.Guitar Techniques - Chord Substitution And Reharmonization (Lesson+Audio)
605.Guitar Techniques - Chords & Scales (Lesson+Audio)
606.Guitar Techniques - Funk Rhythm Guitar (Lesson+Audio)
607.Guitar Techniques - Harmony Lesson 1 (Lesson+Audio)
608.Guitar Techniques - Jazz Soloing Lesson 1(Lesson+Audio)(1)
609.Guitar Techniques - Jazz Soloing Lesson 4 (Lesson+Audio)
610.Guitar Techniques - Jazz Soloing Lesson 4 (Lesson+Audio)(1)
611.Guitar Techniques - Jazz Soloing Lesson Part 3 - Alan Holdsworth (Lesson+Audio)
612.Guitar Techniques - Jeff Beck - Goin Down (Lesson+Audio)
613.Guitar Techniques - Martin Taylor - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Lesson+Audio)
614.Guitar Techniques - Martin Taylor - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Lesson+Audio)
615.Guitar Techniques - Marty Friedman Masterclass - Exotic Scales (Lesson+Audio)
616.Guitar Techniques - Rory Gallagher Riffs part 2 (Lesson+Audio)
617.Guitar Techniques - Shawn Lane - Licks And Solo (Lesson+Audio)
618.Guitar Techniques - Tapping Study Part 1 (Lesson+Audio)
619.Guitar Techniques - Zz Top - Blue Jean Blues (Lesson+Audio)
620.Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 1 - Cutting-Edge Techniques(Lesson+Audio)
621.Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 2 - Advanced Techniques(Lesson+Audio)
622.Easy Guitar - Position Beginner guitar tabs and chord progression(Lesson)
623.(Guitar Techniques) (2000-09) Acoustic - Dire Straits - Romeo And Juliet - by Eric Roche (Lesson+Audio)
624.John Petrucci - Suspended Animation (tab book)
625.Slayer - Riff By Riff (lesson)
626.All Blues Soloing For Jazz Guitar (Lesson+Audio)
627.Creedence Clearwater Revival (LEsson+Audio)
628.Guitar Play Along - David Lee Roth ( Tab + Audio)
629.Mimi Fox - Guitar Arpeggio Studies on Jazz Standards (Lesson + Audio)
630.Play Guitar With B.B.King (Tab+Audio)
631.Terry Syrek - Shred Is Not Dead (Lesson+Audio)
632.Story Of david gilmour black strat (story)
633.Paint Your own Guitar (magazine)
634.Hal Leonard- The Decade Series-The 1980s (TAB BOOK)
635.Make Your Own Electric Guitar - Melvyn Hiscock (Lesson BOOK)
636.Acoustic Blues Guitar Styles (Lesson book)
637.Song Writing and The Guitar (lesson)
638.Muska Lipman Publishing - Home Recording Power(lesson)
639.Guitar For Dummies (lesson+Audio)
640.The Advanced Guide to Guitar Chords - Vol I (Lesson)
641.Play Acoustic Guitar With Eric Clapton (Tab +Audio)
642.Dave Celentano - Rock Licks (Lesson + Audio)
643.Dave Celentano - Speed Metal Neoclassical Styles(Lesson+Audio)
644.Dave Celentano - The Magic Touch (Lesson+Mp3)
645.Guitar Techniques - Tapping Study Part 1 (Lesson+Audio)
646.Guitar techniques - Robben Ford-Style blues soloing(Lesson +Audio)
647.Guitar - Major Scale Soloing Part 1 (Lesson+Audio)
648.Dave Calentano - Over the Top (Lesson+Audio)
649.Dave Celentano - Essential Blues Guitar (Lesson +Audio)
650.Dave Celentano - Killer Pentatonics (Lesson+Audio)
651.A Guide To Guitar Chords (Lesson)
652.Dave Celentano - Power Rhythm Guitar (Lesson+Audio)
653.Dave Celentano - Monster Scales N Modes (lesson+Audio)
654.Dave Celentano - Rock Around The Classics (Lesson+Audio)
655.Great Blues Riffs For Guitar Vol 1(lesson+Audio)
656.Great Blues Riffs For Guitar Vol 2(lesson+Audio)
657.Guitar by Wikibooks (lesson)
658.Mel Bays Finger Gymnastics (lesson)
659.A-Z of Great Riffs - Rory Gallagher(lesson+Audio)
660.Guitar Edge Magazine 10-2009 (magazine)
661.Guitar Edge Magazine 09-2009 (magazine)
662.All Scales And Arpeggios (Lesson)
663.Jim Hall - Exploring Jazz Guitar (Lesson)
664.Guitar Techniques 166 June 2009 (magazine)
665.Allan Holdsworth - Just for the curious (Lesson+Audio)
666.Aerosmith - Signature licks 1979-1998 (lesson)
667.Billy Idol - Play It Like It Is (tab book)
668.Bireli Lagrene - Guitar Project (tab book)
669.Bodhran Basics (Lesson+Audio)
670.Joe Diorio - Jazz Reh Hotlines (Lesson+Audio)
671.Greenday - American Idiot (Tab book)
672.Colin Cosimini - The Gypsy Jazz Chord Book Vol.1 (lesson+Audio)
673.Joe Diorio - Jazz Reh Hotlines (Lesson+Audio)
674.Mark Harrison - Blues Piano (lesoon+Audio)
675.Progressive Guitar Fingerpicking by Gary Turner (lesson+Audio)
676.The Ultimate Beginner Series- Drum Basics (Lesson+Audio)
677.Total Guitar Magazine - Pro Band Backing Tracks (Book+Audio)
678.Troy Stetina & Tony Burton - Heavy Metal Guitar Tricks (Lesson+Audio)
679.All Blues Rhythm For Jazz Guitar (Lesson)
680.Flat picking Guitar Magazine may/june 2009 (Magazine)
681.Guitar World 2007-02 (Magazine)
682.Guitar World 2007-09 (Magazine)
683.Guitar World 2007-10 (Magazine)
684.Guitar World-2007 Holiday (Magazine)
685.Guitar World-2008 04 (Magazine)
686.Jimi Hendrix - Solos (Lesson+Tab)
687.Nirvana - Unplugged In New York (Tab book)
688.Steve Morse - Coast to coast (Tab book)
689.The Art Of Guitar Making - Andrew Allan (Lesson)
690.Blues Riffs for Piano by Ed baker (lesson+audio)
691.The Acoustic Guitar Adjustment Care Maintenance and Repair Vol I (lesson)
692.The Acoustic Guitar Adjustment Care Maintenance and Repair Vol II (lesson)
693.Flat picking Guitar Magazine September-October 2009 (Magazine)
694.Guitarist Magazine special tribute Gibson 50s (Magazine)
695.Mel Bay's Guitar Journals - Fingerstyle (Tab book+Audio)
696.Blues Licks You Can Use (Lesson+Audio)
697.The Best of Janis Joplin (Tab book)
698.Classics For Flatpicking Guitar (Tab book)
699.Guitar Fingerboard Harmony - Mel Bay (Lesson Book)
700.Mel Bay - J.S.Bach In Tablature Vol.1 (Tab book)
701.How To Read Music (Lesson+audio)
702.Hard Rock Solos For Guitar (Lesson+Audio)
703.Ultimate Play-Along by Alain Caron - (Tab book + Audio)
704.Mel Bay - Lenny Breau - Fingerstyle Jazz (Lesson)
705.Guitar Techniques 1997 March (Magazine+audio)
706.David Gilmour - Play Guitar With... (Tab book+Lesson)
707.Turkel, Eric - Arranging Techniques for Synthesists (Lesson+audio)
708.Ralph Agresta - Jazz Jam Trax for Guitar (Lesson+audio)
709.Yngwie Malmsteen - Eclipse (Tab book)
710.Yngwie Malmsteen - Facing The Animal (Tab book)
711.Yngwie Malmsteen - Inspiration (Tab book)
712.Yngwie Malmsteen - Fire & Ice (Tab book)
713.Yngwie Malmsteen - Magnum Opus (Tab book)
714.Yngwie Malmsteen - Professional Approach (Tab Book+Audio)
715.Guitar Techniques April 1997 (Magazine+Audio)
716.Jamey Andreas The Principles of Correct Practice (Lesson)
717.Mel Bay's Easy Flamenco Solos (Lesson+Audio)
718.Easy Guitar Solos - For The Total Beginner (Lesson+Audio)
719.Yngwie Malmsteen- Attack (Tab book)
720.Jeff Gardner's Piano Blues Book (Note book+Audio)
721.Guitar Edge 2009 11 (magazine)
722.Guitar Techniques may 1997 (Magazine+Audio)
723.Scott Miller - Rock Keyboard (Lesson+Audio)
724.Yngwie Malmsteen Songbook - Live!! (Tab Book)
725.Yngwie Malmsteen - War to end all wars (Tab Book)
726.Dream Theater - Full Score Anthology (Tab book)
727.Wolf_Marshall Guitar Method - Basics 2 (Lesson+Audio)
728.The Doors - Supertab For Guitar (Tab book)
729.Yngwie Malmsteen complete score series Songbook - Live!! (tab book)
730.Herb Ellis Jazz Guitar Method - Swing Blues (Lesson Book)
731.Joe Satriani - 5 Of The Best for guitar (Tab book)
732.Joe Satriani - Riff by riff(Lesson tab)
733.Offspring-Conspiracy of One (Tab book)
734.Matt Smiths - Chop Shop (Lesson+Audio)
735.Guitar World - Oct '09 (Magazine Tab only)
736.Guitar World - Nov 09 (Magazine Tab only)
737.Guitar World - SEP 09 (Magazine Tab only)
738.Guitar World 2004-12 (Magazine)
739.Guitar World 2004-07 (Magazine)
740.Toque_de_Mestre_-_Soul__Funk___Disco_-_Fernando_Savaglia (Bass Lesson Method)
741.Toque_de_Mestre_-_Slap_com_Ritmos_Brasileiros_-_Adriano_Giffoni (Bass Lesson Method)
742.Toque_de_Mestre_-_Harmonia_e_Teoria_-_Thiago_Spada (Bass Lesson Method)
743.Toque_de_Mestre_-_Conceitos_para_Improvisa__o_-_Du_Moreira (Bass Lesson Method)
744.Wolf Marshall Guitar Method - Basics 3 (Lesson+Audio)
745.Wolf Marshall - Advanced Concepts & Techniques (Lesson)
746.Best of Jazz Guitar by Wolf Marshall Book (Lesson+Audio)
747.Slap Bass - Sergio Ferrante (Lesson+Audio)
748.Guitar Fingerboard Harmony - Mel Bay (Lesson)
749.Jimmy Page - Interactive Blues Guitar Method (ISO IMAGE)
750.Guitar Techniques June 1997 (Magazine+Audio)
751.Blues Guitar For Dummies (Lesson+Audio)
752.Rolling_Stones -Band Score best of Rolling Stones Book (Tab Book)
753.Play Guitar With ... - John Lee Hooker (Tab Book+Audio)
754.Rock - Jimmy Page - 10 Essential Licks (Lesson+Audio)
755.Encyclopedia of Groove (Drum Lesson)
756.Wolf Marshall Guitar Method - Power Studies 1 (Lesson+Audio)
757.Berklee Practice Method - Drum Set - Get your band together (Drum+ Audio)
758.Third Eye Blind - Self-titled (Tab book)
759.Jazz Keyboard Toolbox - bill Cunliffe (Lesson+Audio)
760.Gig Bag Book Of Scales (Lesson)
761.A new tune a day for alto saxophone - book 1 (Lesson+Audio)
762.Jam with The Beatles (Tab Book+Audio)
763.Play_Guitar_With... _ Bryan_Adams - The Early Years (Tab Book+Audio)
764.Warren Haynes - Guide To Slide Guitar (Lesson+Audio)
765.Michael Miller - The Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory (Lesson)
766.Tower Of Power 'Learn Funk Guitar' (Lesson+Audio)
767.Jeff Gardner's Blues Book (Lesson+Audio)
768.Black Sabbath - Signature Licks (Lesson+Audio)
769.Guitar_Techniques_167_July_2009 (Magazine)
770.Total Guitar - july2007 (Magazine)
771.Jim Hall - Exploring Jazz Guitar (Lesson)
772.The Eagles Hell Freezes Over (Tab book)
773.Study in Flatpicking (Lesson)
774.Total Guitar April 2009 - 187 (Magazine+Audio)
775.Total Guitar July 2009 - 190 (Magazine+Audio)
776.Total Guitar June 2009 - 189 (Magazine+Audio)
777.Musicians Institute - Modes For Guitar(Lesson+Audio)
778.Musicians Institute - Guitar Licktionary (Lesson+Audio)
779.Troy Stetina - Beginning Rock Rhythm Guitar (Lesson)
780.Total Guitar - October 2009 - 193 (Magazine)
781.Celtic guitar - Glenn Weiser - Fingerstyle (Lesson+Audio)
782.Don Mock - Target Tones (Lesson+Audio)
783.Fender The Inside Story
784.Funk Fusion (Lesson+Audio+Video)
785.Peppino D'Agostino - New Acoustic Guitar Method (Tab Book+Audio)
786.Beginning Mandolin (Lesson)
787.Guitar Edge Magazine 2009-12 (Magazine)
788.Mandolin Chords Plus (Lesson)
789.Total Guitar - November 2009 - 194 (Magazine)
790.Bass Guitar Magazine (October 2009) Issue 47 (Magazine)
791.Flatpicking Guitar Magazine - November -December 2009 (Magazine)
792.Guitar Play Along Guitar - Soul (Tab Book+Audio)
793.Premier Guitar January 2009 (Magazine)
794.Guitar Play Along Volume 13 - Folk Rock (Tab Book+Audio)
795.Robin Trower - Signature Licks(Tab Book+Audio)
796.Guitar Legends - The Dedinitive Metallica - 10 march 2009 (Magazine)
797.Guitar World - Play Lead Guitar Booklet Dvd (Magazine+Tab book)
798.Marc boland & T-Rex - Best of (Tab book)
799.Jeff Beck - 50 riffs (Lesson+Audio)
800.Joe Satriani - 50 riffs (Lesson+Audio)
801.AC DC - 50 plans Riffs (Lesson+Audio)
802.Police - Leur style en 50 riffs (Lesson+Audio)
803.Jimi Hendrix - Rythmique en double-stop à la manière de Jimi Hendrix (Lesson+Audio)
804.Ron Carter - Building Jazz Bass Lines (Lesson)
805.Guitar Fretboard Workbook (Lesson)
806.Pink Floyd - Leur style en 50 riffs (Lesson+Audio)
807.Learn To Play Guitar With Metallica (Lesson+Audio)
808.Musicians Institute - Keith Wyatt - Harmony - Theory (Lesson)
809.The Damned - A History Of Their First Year (Story)
810.Musicians Institute - Rock Lead Techniques (Lesso+Audio)
811.THEORY & HARMONY - Guitarist's Guide to, by Jeff Schroedl (Lesson+Audio)
812.Guitar Method - Easy Pop Melodies (Lesson+Audio)
813.Wah Wah Book by P.j. Howorth (Lesson)
814.Swing Guitar by Fred Solkolow (Lesson+Audio)
815.ULTIMATE EAR TRAINING - Guitar & Bass -Gary willis (Lesson+Audio)
816.BEST OF MODERN ROCK for GUITAR (Tab Book+Audio)
817.SOS January 2010 (Magazine)
818.Guitar Edge January 2010 (Magazine)
819.Guitar Edge 2010 February (Magazine)
820.Computer Music January 2010 (Magazine)
821.The Guitarist's Scale Book By Peter Vogl(Lesson)
822.Focal Press Logic Pro 8 Audio and Music Production May 2008 (Lesson)
823.Guitar Techniques Jan 2010 (Magazine)
824.Guitarist's Guide To Computer Music (Lesson)
825.Gigging A Practical Guide for Musicians (Lesson)
826.Quiet Riot - The Best of Quiet Riot (Tab Book)
827.Scorpions - Best Of Scorpions Guitar Songbook (Tab Book)
828.Rolling Stone (2010 02 04) (Magazine)
829.Bob Burget - Progressive Double Bass Drumming (Drum Lesson)
830.bob moses - drum wisdom (Drum Lesson)
831.Chuck Kerrigan - Rap Beats On The Drum Set (Drum Lesson)
832.Curso Bateria (Drum Lesson)
833.Dave Vose - Reading Drummer(Drum Practice Note)
834.Dave Weckl - Back to Basics (Drum Lesson)
835.Dave Weckl - The Next Step (Drum Lesson)
836.drum programming - a complete guide to program (Drum Lesson)
837.Ed Thigpen - The Sound Of Brushes (Drum Lesson)
838.Extreme Drumming Marco Minnemann (Drum Exercises)
839.Fernando Martinez - Funk Grooves for Drums (Drum Lesson)
840.G.L. Stone - Accents And Rebounds For Snare Drummer (NOTE)
841.Gary Chaffee - Linear Time Playing (Drum Lesson)
842.Gary Chaffee - Sticking Patterns (Drum Lesson)
843.Gary Chester And Chris Adams - The New Breed 2 (Drum Lesson)
844.Gary Chester - The New Breed I (Drum Lesson)
845.In Session DW Band (Drum Lesson)
846.JOHN RILEY - Beyond Bop Drumming (Drum Lesson)
847.Johnny Rabb - Freehand-Technique (Drum Lesson)
848.Lars Ulrich - Kill 'em All (Drum Book). (Lesson NOTE)
849.Marcelo Mira - 10 Recetas Magistrales para bateristas (Drum Lesson)
850.marco minnemann - Extreme Interdependence (Drum Lesson)
851.Maria Martinez - Afro Cuban (Drum Lesson)
853.Metallica - Ride The Lightning - (Drum Note)
854.Mike Portnoy - Liquid Drum Theater (transcriptions) (Drum Lesson)
855.Pete Lockett-Symetrical Sticking For The Snare Drum (Drum Lesson)
856.Peter Erskine - Drum Concepts and Techniques (Drum Lesson)
857.Peter Magadinir - Learn to Play the Drumset (Book 1) (Drum Lesson)
858.Rick Latham - Advanced Funk Studies (Drum Lesson)
859.Rick Latham - Contemporary Drumset Techniques (Drum Lesson)
860.Rudiment (Drum Lesson)
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862.The Best Of Modern Drummer Rock (Drum Lesson)
864.the new real book 3 ( with bass and drum parts)- (Drum Lesson)
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866.Tom Warrington _ Steve Houghton - Essential styles book 2(Drum Lesson)
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868.Vic Firth - Snare Drum Method (Vol 1) (Drum Lesson)
869.WILCOXON - 150 Rudimental Solos (Drum LEsson)
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886.Teach Yourself Blues Harmonica (Lesson+Audio)
887.How To Play The Harmonica (Lesson)
888.How to play in a chord-melody style (Lesson)
889.Basic Blues Chord Routes (Lesson)
890.Picture Chord Encyclopedia.(Lesson)
891.chord melody secrets (Lesson)
893.Marty Friedman -Melodic Control (Lesson)
894.Marty Friedman - Exotic Metal Guitar (Lesson)
895.Rock guitar secrets (Lesson)
896.the guitar scale patterns (Lesson)
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898.Steve Baker - Harmonica Playalongs vol.2(Lesson)
899.A Schoenberg - Fundamentals of Musical Composition(Lesson)
900.Composition - Horace Silver - The Art Of Small Combo Jazz Playing(LEsson)
901.Jazz Improvisation Book (Lesson)
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903.Latin Grooves for The Creative Musician (Lesson)
904.Minimalism - Themes & Movements 4 (ed. James Meyer) (Lesson)
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906.Music Theory Book - Royal Conservatory Scales and Arpeggios for guitar (Lesson)
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917.Guitar Pentatonic Scales For Jazz Improvisation (Lesson)
918.The best Of George Benson (Tab book)
919.Guitar Techniques - Bossa Nova Basics (Lesson)
920.Recording The Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar (Lesson)
921.Screaming fingers - Guitar speed technique (Lesson)
922.The Complete Jazz Guitar Method Mastering Chord-Melody (Lesson)
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924.Little Walter&Big Walter Licks For Blues Harmonica (Lesson+Audio)
925.Sonny Terry Licks for Blues Harmonica (Lesson+Audio)
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927.the harp styles of bob dylan [harmonica] (Lesson)
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930.Teach Yourself Blues Harmonica - 10 Easy Lessons - Peter Gelling - (Lesson+Audio)
931.Blues Harmonica - Big Walter Horton with Carey Bell (Lesson)
932.Blues Harp Greats by david barret (Lesson)
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936.Dictionary of STRUM PICKING - PATTERNS (Lesson+Audio)
937.JAZZ - Easy Riffs Series (Lesson+Audio)
938.CHORDS_SCALES_ARPEGGIOS_For_The_Guitarist (Lesson)
939.Guitar Method-EASY POP MELODIES- (Lesson+Audio)
940.Chords Progressions For Acoustic Guitar - (Lesson+Audio)
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962.5 String Banjo for 6 String Guitar (Lesson+Audio)
963.Troy Stetina - Secrets To Writing Killer Metal Songs (Lesson+Audio)
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973.Home Recording Made Easy (lesson)
974.Fingerpicking 12 String Guitar by tommy flint (Lesson+Audio)
975.Guitar Speed Demons of Metal (Lesson)
976.Guitar, Setup, Maintenance & Repair - John Levan (Lesson)
977.Easy Django (Lesson)
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991.Classical Guitar Dummies (Lesson)
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1002.Aaron Shearer - Learning Guitar Classic Part 2 (Lesson)
1003.Heavy Metal Dynamite for Guitar (lesson)
1004.Slash by slash (story)
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1041.Brian Waite - Modern Jazz Piano - A study in harmony (Lesson)
1042.Hal Leonard Jazz Piano Solos Jazz Blues (Lesson)
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1057.Mark Hanson - The Art Of Contemporary Travis Picking (Lesson+Audio)
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1062.A Modern Method for Guitar School of Tarrega VOLUME II 93-141 (Lesson)
1063.A Modern Method for Guitar School of Tarrega VOLUME II 1-92 (Lesson)
1064.A Modern Method for Guitar School of Tarrega VOLUME I 101-145 (Lesson)
1065.A Modern Method for Guitar School of Tarrega VOLUME I 1-100 (Lesson)
1066.Mel Bay - Splitting the Licks Book (Lesson+Audio)
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1068.Mel Bay - Carlos Barbosa - Lima - Guitar Scales (Lesson)
1069.Mel Bay - Barbosa-Lima - Contemporary Etudes, Preludes & Pieces for Guitar (Lesson)
1070.Big_Book_Of Blues- 80 Favorites PIANO VOCAL GUITAR (Tab book)
1071.Dusan Bogdanovic - Counterpoint for Guitar (Lesson)
1072.John Chapelle - Build Your Own PC Recording Studio (Lesson)
1073.Charlie Byrd's - Melodic Method For Guitar (Lesson)
1074.Coldplay Parachutes (Tab book)
1075.Kent Kennan - Counterpoint (Lesson)
1076.The Best Of Dire Strait & Mark Knopfler - Private Investigations (Tab book)
1077.Mark Nelson & Chris Connors - The Ultimate Guitar Workout (Lesson)
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1079.Thelonious Monk Easy Piano Solos (Tab book)
1080.Slipknot_Iowa (Tab book)
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1082.THE REAL BOOK 2 (Lesson Book)
1083.OST The Lion King (Tab Book)
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1143.Guitar For Dummies (Lesson)
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1154.Mel Bay Getting Into Jazz Fusion Guitar (Lesson+Audio)
1155.Nick Nolan - Rock Lead Basics (Lesson+Audio)
1156.Nick Nolan - Rock Lead Performance (Lesson+Audio)
1157.Paco Pena - Toques Flamencos (Tab book+Audio)
1158.Richard Thompson - Teaches Traditional Guitar Instrumentals (Lesson+Audio)
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1161.Stefan Grossman's Masters of Country Blues Guitar - Lonnie Johnson (Lesson+Audio)
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1176.Premier Guitar 2010 October (Magazine)
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1178.Premier Guitar 2010 April (Magazine)
1179.Premier Guitar 2010 February (Magazine)
1180.Premier Guitar 2010 January (Magazine)
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1182.Songwriting And The Guitar - The Complete Guid (Lesson)
1183.Teach Yourself Visually Bass Guitar (Lesson)
1184.The Police - The Best (Guitar Tab Songbook) (Tab book)
1185.The Ultimate Guitar Workout (Lesson)
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1197.Stevie Ray Vaughan - Soul To Soul (Tab book)
1198.Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood (Tab book)
1199.Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Sky Is Crying (Tab book)
1200.Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldnt Stand The Weather (Tab book)
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1272.Digital Audio Technology (Lesson)
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1289.The Best Of Modern Drummer Rock (Lesson)
1290.Walt Weiskopf & Ramon Ricker - The Augmented Scale in Jazz (Lesson)
1292.Walter_Piston_Harmony (Lesson)
1293.Charlie Christian - The Art of the Jazz Guitar (Lesson)
1294.The Unreel Drum Book - Drumming Of Vinnie Calaiuta (Lesson+Audio)
1295.Classic Funk & R&B Grooves for Bass - Josquin Des Pres (Lesson+Audio)
1296.Acoustics - Valve Amplifier and Electronics (Lesson Series+Software)
1297.EQ Magazine - 12 2010 (Magazine)
1298.EQ Magazine - April 2011 (Magazine)
1299.Josquin des Pres - Classical Masterpieces for Bass (Lesson)
1301.The Real Book 1 Sixth Edition HalLeonard (Lesson)
1302.Guitar Techniques Magazine - Spring 2011 (Magazine)
1303.Jeff Beck - Who Else TAB (Tab book)
1304.EQ Magazine - March 2011 (Magazine)
1305.Guitar Buyer - Jan 2011 (Magazine)
1306.PREMIER Guitar Magazine - April 2011 (Magazine)
1307.Guitar Plaer Vault - March 2011 (Magazine)
1308.Guitar Player Vault - Jan-feb 2011 (Magazine)
1309.Rhythm Magazine - 2011 Feb (Magazine)
1310.Sepultura - Arise (Tab book)
1311.Guitar & Bass Magazine - 2011 May (Magazine)
1312.Guitar Effects Schematics (Lesson) all Guitar And effect and amps
1313.beatle white (Tab book japanes)
1314.Classic Rock Magazine 2011 06 (Magazine)
1315.Classic Rock Magazine - May 2011 (Magazine)
1316.Getting Great Guitar Sounds Book Of Guitar Effects!!! (Lesson)
1317.Jaco Pastorius - The Greates Jazz-Fusion Bass Player (Tab book)
1318.Pro Audio Review 04-2011 (Magazine)
1319.Standard_Notation_Primer (Lesson)
1320.Rockschool Grade 8 (Drum Lesson+Audio)
1321.Rockschool Grade 5 (Drum Lesson+Audio)
1322.Real Book Playalong Vol 1 S-Z, Hal Leonard (Lesson+Audio)


1.Michael Angelo - Speed Kill Video (DVD + BOOK)
2.Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing (Guitar tutorial)
3.JoeSatriani - Satch Boogie Lesson(Guitar tutorial)
4.Eagles – Hotel California(Guitar tutorial)
5.Frank Gambale - Monster Licks And Speed Picking(Video + Book)
6.Guns N Roses – November Rain (Guitar tutorial)
7.Red Hot chili pepers – Danni California Part 1(Guitar tutorial)
8.Red Hot chili pepers – Danni California Part 2(Guitar tutorial)
9.Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe(Guitar tutorial)
10.Guns N Roses – Sweet Child Of Mine(Guitar tutorial)
11.Eric Clapton – Layla(Guitar tutorial)
12.Deep Purple – Burn Part 1(Guitar tutorial)
13.Jimi Hendrix – Hey joe some of them lesson(video+book)
14.Whitesnake – Is This Love (Guitar tutorial)
15.Nirvana - Come As You Are
17.jeff beck - jb bends lessonl
18.Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
19.Learn To Play With PINK FLOYD(1DVD)
20.Cat Stevens - Wild World
21.Hey joe
22.Tube Guitar Amplifier Servicing( best designer)
23.Guitar Method In The Style of Pink Floyd+BOOK
24.Ultimate Guitar Techniques - Sweep Picking With Stuart Bull
25.system of a down - guitar lessons with daron malakian
26.Guitar Lesson with Eric Johnson - Fine Art Of Guitar
27.Learn To Play Your Guitar - A Method For Beginners
28.Blues Fast Licks
29.Lick Library - Ultimate Guitar Techniques - Sweep Picking With Stuart Bull (DVD+BACK MP3)
30.Learn To Play Your Guitar - A Method For Beginners (4PART DVD)
31.Lick Library Learn to Play Electric Guitar 2 DVD
32.Andy Timmons - Begining Guitar (complete)
33.Guitar Paint Video
34.Drum lesson - basic Beginner Lessons
35.Jimmy Page - Guitar Method
36.Easy Harmonica
37.Tin Sandwich - A History of... The Harmonica.
38.Harp -Learn Harmonica - Larry Little)
39.Martin Simpson _ Finger lesson (Video+book)
40.Paul Gilbert - Rock Guitar Masterclass (DVD+Audio)
41.Recording Guitar
42.Micke Campese - Creative Speed Building - Picking Technique (DVD+Book)
43.Jaco Pastorius - Modern Electric Bass (DVD+Book)
44.Learn to Play Classic Rock Guitar Solos (DVD)
45.Bass Guitar Lesson - Dave La Rue (DVD)
46.Guitar Lesson - Victor Wooten - Bass Technique (DVD)
47.Paul Gilbert - Terrifying Guitar Trip (Lesson)
48.Billy Sheehan Lesson (Lesson)
49.The Mechanics of Acoustic Guitar (Lesson)